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Ever since the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case came down, I have been telling myself that I would NOT comment on it here….as you all can tell, my resolve lasted a (not so impressive) 3 days.

As I have mentioned before, I am in an interracial marriage. My husband, to this day, will not walk out of a store until his purchases have been put in a bag and the handles have been tied into a knot, for he fears that on his way out of the store he may be accused of stealing.

When the verdict came down last Saturday night, I was struck by how most commentators/pundits kept saying how the jury found George Zimmerman “innocent” (I believe there is a big difference between finding someone “not guilty” vs. finding them “innocent”). I still hoped that the jurors, after considering all the evidence, just could not find anything in the law that would allow them to convict George Zimmerman.

I don’t believe that George Zimmerman started out his evening intending to hurt anyone; but I do think that he ALL the wrong decisions along the way. If you, as an adult make decisions that end up costing a teenager his life, there MUST be consequences for that. How can we have laws in place that make that ok? Gun ownership is an awesome responsibility and he failed that responsibility test miserably, with only minor consequences for himself and the most severe of all consequences for Trayvon Martin.

I watched the interview one of the jurors gave to Anderson Cooper; I disagree with just about everything she said and was struck by her misguided perceptions.