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G 7

This block took a bit of planning.  On the “Dear Jane” website, there are tips on how to complete each block; none of these seamed appealing to me (this is not a critique, I just wanted to do things a bit differently).

So, once I had decided on which fabric to use (I changed my mind three or four time along the way), I decided to do the following:

First I made the strips that dissect the circle (one long one with the green square in the middle, and two shorter ones). Then,  I cut out the quarter circle sections (adding 1/4″ seam allowance) as well as the white quarter square background pieces.  I turned the seam allowance over on the round side of the quarter circle and ironed it down. I laid the green quarter circle on top of the quarter square background (with the wrong side of the green on top of the right side of the background). I repeated this with all four background pieces and green quarter circles. I sewed one of the short strips to one side the background/quarter circle combo.  The I did the same on the other side of the short strips – now I had one half of the block.  Put together the other half, and connected them with the long strip in the middle – et voila !  Now, the only thing that was left to do was to hand applique the round edges of the green quarter circles to the back ground.

This was Block # 43 ( or 19% of the blocks done)…but who’s counting ?