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Charlie and I eat out a LOT …. I know that we should be eating at home much more, and honestly, I much prefer having a sandwich at home than a meal at most restaurants here in town (nothing wrong with the restaurants, I just loooove being at home).

When we go out, it is mostly because someone we would like to see, calls and says “let’s do dinner” and then off we go. In the past year or so I have noticed that restaurant kitchens are having trouble coordinating our food.  At no time does all of our food come out of the kitchen at the same time, or even close to the same time.  It is very common for half the table to have eaten before the rest of the entrees appear….

At a table of six, or even 8 or 10 synchronicity should not be that hard to accomplish!  When I go to eat with friends, I’d like to eat with my friends, not before them or after them.

Just sayin’…..