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I made kosher dill pickles for the first time today. I used a recipe and instructions from http://www.seriouseats.com (Garlic Dill Pickles). The instructions are clear and easy to follow/understand.

It is amazing how something that is “no big deal”, and “so easy” for all the ladies around here is something that appears so complex to me. All my “southern” friends get a really good laugh from the fact that I need a recipe, so I can make them step by step!

When I first came to this country and the South, I experienced a degree of culture shock. In the years since, I have learned a lot about my surroundings (most of it good, some of it really funny, and some of it not so pleasant).

One of the things I am starting to love, is some of what I call the “good” traditions – how grandmothers taught their granddaughters to quilt, can, make jellies, prepare Sunday dinner and how to properly address adults. How children learned from their parents how to be polite, kind, disciplined, and work hard.

I have asked several ladies for recipes for this or that when they had prepared something particularly tasty and I almost always get “the look”. The look is generally followed by a declaration of how there is no recipe since they learned how to make it from mom, grandmother, aunt or cousin…

I may miss (and I do miss it terribly) the foods that I grew up with in Greece & Austria, but I have discovered a whole new cuisine right along with a whole new culture !