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Wednesdays have turned out to be pretty good days. A little over a year ago, I was invited to attend the group that meets on Wednesday nights to quilt. I am really someone who likes being at home alone most of the time, and I have never been part of any group anything, so this was a departure for me. I attended a couple of times, and I surprised myself by really liking the group!

There is a diverse group of women: a teacher, a nurse, a business owner, a school employee, a housewife, a state employee, a bookkeeper, a farmer – most retired, some still working, but all with a wicked sense of humor (sometimes really warped!). We all have varying degrees of family ties and family obligations, different racial & ethnic backgrounds, vastly different economic circumstances, our ages run from the 30’s to the mid 80’s our political opinions run the gambit (even though I think I am by FAR the most liberal) and we discuss everything!

Even though I was really really reluctant to make this a regular thing, I am glad I did; I get sooo much out of a group that I really contribute very little to, and honestly, they save me a LOT of money on a therapist!

I don’t want to start getting cliche here, but is there an example in here somewhere for our government?