We live in the South. Not the south of Europe, like Greece, Italy or Spain, where the heat is dry and pleasant, but in the South of the Inited States, where the heat is oppressive and sticky, and the humidity is so high that it is hard to breathe sometimes…

Usually, once it gets hot here, that’s it – it stays really hot (100+ F) throughout the summer. This year however, things have been different: it rained a whole lot (very rare to have rain during the summer) and the temperatures have varied a lot…

Today, the temperature is around 90F, and I decided to open all the windows and let the house “air out”. Because I like to be sensible (and frugal), I decided to turn off the AC and just leave the windows open throughout the day. Now, it is early afternoon, and I am still enjoying the “natural” temperatures in the house (you can always tell when temps are being artificially regulated, can’t you?)

The only one that has registered her displeasure with my decision is Isabel. Isabel is Charlie’s 9-lb Shih-Tzu and unquestionably thinks she rules this house. A couple of hours after turning off the AC, she jumped off her throne (Charlie’s recliner), walked across the carpet, stood on the tile and then…flopped onto it with a thud! It was hilarious!

Since then, every time I had encountered her in the house she has given me “the look”…that unmistakeable look someone gives you when they are not at all pleased with you.

I have (and still am) enjoying my AC free day – no matter how Isabel feels about it!