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Ok, so I’ve put all this sweat into growing cucumbers (really, I just planted the seeds and turned on the sprinklers) and then someone is secretly nibbling on them!

As you can see in the photo posted below, that little someone, has been taking a bite off here and a bite off there.  There are a total of approximately 10 cucumbers in various degrees of having-been-nibbled-on out there in my garden!

I am wondering: Is it one of our three Shih-Tzu’s?  Is it the neighbors cat?  Is it the birds?  I am an inexperienced gardener and so it is all a great mystery to me….

Needless to say, I will not sit out there at night, trying to figure it out – whoever it is, maybe they needed the nutrition, water content, a little snack or a healthy meal badly enough to help themselves to a few of my cucumbers.  Whoever it was, I hope you enjoyed them, and will be gracious enough to leave me some intact, so I may enjoy them too!

photo 3