I have to admit (for the first time publicly) that I watch Big Brother. On Wednesdays, when I go “play” I tape/DVR it….

I am sure there are bigger and fancier words to express this, but I wonder what makes people behave the way they do. Several of this year’s house guests have evoked religion, their upbringing, their fellow house guests behavior or some great altruistic sentiment for doing what they do….

Aaryn is this years “the person we love to hate” – and I do have to say the role is richly deserved. I will not go into the reasons here; they have been rehashed plenty in the media…

I will say this much; she is the most dangerous kind of racist: closeted, either has no idea she is a racist or she does not care. She behaves as if it all does not concern her and would never touch her perfectly coiffed, blond haired, blue eyed narrow little world!

I cannot pretend to know what racism feels like – I have been lucky enough not to have experienced it. I do know how it has shaped my husband’s character, how it has influenced the way he brought up his children, how it is still fueling suspicion between races and how terribly, terribly wrong it is to treat people differently just because they look ,different (no matter what those differences are)…..