We have a large living room, that looks even larger because the ceilings are so high.  I like comfortable, uncluttered spaces so we are trying to keep the large pieces in this room to a minimum…

It took us nine months to pick out a light fixture that we could both agree on: he likes victorian, I like contemporary, and we both want the other to be happy = quite a dilemma).

Now, we are contemplating the rug issue.  We like the rug we have (see photo), but not for this room.  My first thought was to not have a rug at all, but that makes it really difficult for our dogs as the floor is very slick and they are getting older.

The rug has to be large (12′ x 14′ would be nice), and not cost a whole lot.  Ideally, I’d like to have something simple, versatile and long lasting.

Any suggestions, anyone ?

Living Room Living Room

I purposely took the photos the way the room looked (no straightening up); it may be a bit messy on the photo, but this is exactly what it looks like in the evenings when we sit there and watch TV (I usually sit in the chaise working on a “Dear Jane” block, Charlie sits in the recliner watching a show, and Isabel lays on the towel next to him)