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Tomorrow is my “Play” Day…I told you about my Wednesday night group, but I have also joined a Wednesday morning class. I am very new to this group, so with the exception of one class member, I don’t know them that well.

Last week, we had a little impromptu birthday celebration for one of the ladies. Her niece came in and surprised her (and us) with sandwiches, chips, beverages and a birthday cake! Even more remarkable, I learned that she turned 86!


The celebration was nice and after it was over, I learned something truly remarkable: the birthday girls’s sister (the one who had “instigated” the surprise party) is suffering from breast cancer. She had a mastectomy five days (!!) before the class, was released from the hospital three days before the class, and was there, sewing, participating and interacting as if nothing had happened. She now faces chemotherapy. She is also a lady of advanced age, within a few short years of her sister and has one terrific spirit!

I admire people like her; a quiet resolve, a fighting spirit and all of it with the dignity that we should all aspire to.