Tomorrow I get another play day (in addition to the usual “Wednesday day of Fun”). This additional day of pleasure comes with something new and something I am not used to at all.

When friends and I go on trips, short or long, I usually am the one to plan the route, organize the trip and drive. I am VERY comfortable in that role….

The trip tomorrow is planned and organized by someone else, and that friend is also driving. In addition to the obvious advantages, she also has the nicer car, so everything is peachy, right?

Nope – as if I did not know that my friends are right! The ones that like me call me a planner, severely organized, type A personality; those that don’t call me a control freak and some other words that I cannot repeat here.

I have decided to ignore my anxiety and enjoy tomorrow’s excursion (which I have really been looking forward to as I like this group). I will go with the flow, let someone else take the lead (especially since I like and trust tomorrow’s “leader”) and just make sure I’m in the car when it leaves each parking lot!