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We moved into our current house just over a year ago.  While the house is bright, light, open and friendly and the kitchen is large, I do have to say that I miss my old kitchen.  Charlie and I built that kitchen, from the floor up, laid the floors, decided on plumbing, wiring, built the kitchen cabinets, decided on the placement of the doors and windows…you get he point!

This “new” kitchen has oak cabinets (nothing wrong with them, just not my taste) and builders standard white knobs (see photo).  Shortly thereafter, our rental needed a stove – this was the perfect excuse for me to get rid of the one that came with the house and go back to having a cooktop (because I love having the pot drawers underneath) and double wall ovens.  Since we have yet to win the lottery, I had to be smart about how I went about this.
I went to IKEA, bought myself a cabinet that would coordinate well with the existing cabinets and all new knobs and handles for the entire kitchen.  I decided to remove the lone cabinet between the old stove and the refrigerator as well, as I much prefer having drawers next to my cooktop.
The biggest expense of course, was the cook top: we had the funds available to be able to pay for about half, and put the other half on 12-month-no interest store credit. We agreed that for the time being we were going to use a small counter top oven.
I assembled the cabinets and Charlie installed them in the kitchen.  Then, he also installed a toe kick and – the coup d’état he not only made a matching backsplash but he also replaced all the other drawer fronts in the kitchen with black ones !
I have always said, that my husband can not only fix everything but is also willing to; hence, BHE (Best Husband Ever) !
Below are a couple of photos: the kitchen the way it looked when we moved in, and the way it looks no – stay tuned for the next step in our “personalizing” ? “revitalizing” ? “upgrading” ? – making it the way we like it !
Kitchen before

Kitchen before

Kitchen after (toekick not yet painted)

Kitchen after (toekick not yet painted)