Charlie caught a 20lb amberjack deep sea fishing a couple of weekends ago, which he then cut up into filets and we put in the freezer.  This morning, I took a couple of them out of the freezer for dinner tonight.

While looking online for recipes to cook the fish I came across a very interesting sounding one at  We tried it (with a couple of variations) and it was fantastic!  I have never had amberjack before and it turns out it is a great tasting fish!

By the way, it took me twice as long to write this post as it took me to cook dinner tonight.  I love to cook, but tonight I have reports to do and so this was not a bad thing.

I have posted my version of her marinade on the recipes page.  In the photo posted below, you can see the fish; the sides are those steamer vegetables you find in the freezer section of the grocery store (5 min in the microwave).  Desert were ice cream bars out of the freezer –

Grilled Marinaded Amberjack

Grilled Marinaded Amberjack