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Yesterday was Wednesday. So I had class in the morning (until 12:30), and then sew-day in the evening at 6:00 pm. The way that usually works is that I go to class, (22 miles to the north side of town) then go home for a few hours, then go pick up my fiend Carol and then back to the same area that I was in in the morning….

Yesterday I decided to do things a bit differently and instead of going home after class, I would stay on the north side of town and complete some work assignments in the area. I did so, finishing up early enough to go to Carol’s so she and I could visit for about an hour before going to sew-day.

By the time I dropped Carol back off at her house, I was *totally* tired! (A lot more than I usually am)…

Once again, I found this confirmed: being at home is rejuvenating! No matter how short the time at home, it recharges my batteries, it is an oasis of calm and serenity that allows me to then turn around, run back out and tackle the next part of my day.