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The girls (our three Shih Tzu dogs) get a bath approximately every two weeks.  This is quite a production as there are three of them!  Charlie is responsible for Isabel (he feels I am not gentle enough with her), and I bathe the other two.

Baths are not their favorite thing !  I get our “dog bathing station” ready before I start, and then go get them:

Dog Bathing Station

Dog Bathing Station

The order is usually the same, MeiMei first (she weighs the most and is also the most easy going), then Claire (she is the tiniest and the most nervous) and if I am bathing Isabel, I get her last…

Once the baths begin, or when I say the b-a-t-h word, the nervousness begins.  I have no idea why, because getting a bath in this house is not painful or cruel!

photo 4

MeiMei in the bathtub

MeiMei in her "bathrobe"

MeiMei in her “bathrobe”

After they get a bath, they get combed and blow-dryed.  Depending on how long their hair is at the time, this can be a very short or quite long process.  In the summer, we keep their hair short, while in the winter we let it grow out a bit ….

Hair Drying in our bathroom

Hair Drying in our bathroom

The baths (all but Isabel) happened around 8 am – by 9 am the two of them were outside in the grass rolling around trying their best to get exactly as dirty as they had been before the bath !