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Here in the South, people wear their religion on their sleeve; where I am from, religion is an intensely private matter.

Here people evoke the name of God/Jesus or other deity for absolutely EVERY reason – for the sun shining or the weather being bad, people pray for good final exam results, to win the lottery or their hairdresser getting it right! Often, instead of “good bye”, you hear “have a blessed day”…

I do not belong to a church (another fact my friends here find utterly strange) and I do not use religious expressions in my language or publicly pray before each meal. Many people have interpreted all that for me being “anti-religion” and/or an atheist.

Once in a while, I come across people who impress me by following the spirit of their religion without proselytizing and whose kindness, generosity and “doing the right thing” embodies the teachings of that religion.

This afternoon, I had a brief visit with one of those people. I have not known her long, but in that short time I have learned to admire her intelligence and value her advice. She gives freely, without being asked, her time or her possessions. When given a choice, she just does what is right!

To me, she lives her religion a LOT more than all these others that are shouting their “belief” up to the heavens.