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IronWhen I was growing up, we ironed everything !  From our undergarments to our table linen, everything went through the ironing board and iron.

I do not iron that much anymore , but I do still iron our table linen, our sheets and most of BHE’s tops/shirts.  Most of my friends are amused, astonished and perplexed as to why I would go through “all that work”.

Table linens just look nicer when they are ironed; even if they are labeled “no iron” on the care tag, they still come out with slight wrinkling from the dryer.  BHE’s shirts need to be ironed (even though he insists he likes the “crinkly” look); if they are not, his appearance comes across as slightly “sloppy” and if there is one thing BHE is not, it is sloppy!

And now to the sheets….first and foremost, it is not that much more work to iron the sheets & pillow cases (I do not iron fitted sheets).  It is time consuming, but not hard.  There are a few things that makes ironing a lot easier:  only partially drying them helps, and not letting them sit around in a hamper after they have come out of the dyer makes the task a lot more manageable.

I think everyone should try to iron their sheets and pillow cases at least once, then make their bed and get to experience getting into this made, crisp bed at night.  It just has a feeling of freshness and cleanliness that far surpasses any other resting place.  It makes you want to curl up and get a good night’s sleep!

As for my friend’s amusement, I enjoy contributing to their entertainment (I am not being cynical here, I really do).  I am just waiting for one of them to try it one day and let me know what they think then…