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The pantry itself is painted, with two coats of semi-gloss paint. The paint has dried and the pantry is ready for shelving – aaaah, the shelving ….

I set up an assembly line in the garage yesterday morning (6 am), and painted the first coat on all the shelves that BHE had cut, as well as the cleats that we are going to use to mount the shelves with. A couple of hours of drying and a second coat went on.

Because we live in an extremely humid environment (and the garage is not air conditioned), I figured I would let the shelves dry overnight and then paint the other side – I was wrong!

When I went out to the garage this morning, the paint was dry but still had this slight tackiness to it. I knew the paint had not “cured”. I brought the shelves into the house and leaned the up on a wall in the hope that this would speed up the process. We now wait again…..