I could easily call this post “watching paint dry” – because that is pretty much what is happening….

After letting the shelves dry for almost a day and one half (half a day in the garage and almost a full day in the kitchen), the shelves were still slightly tacky. I took a chance anyway, took them back out to the garage and gave the other side the first coat of paint early this morning. A few hours after, they got their second coat. This evening, I brought all the shelves, and the cleats, back into the kitchen. And here they now sit again….

Also, BHE (he is reading my blog!!) felt that is was time that we (really, it’s more he) paint the toe kick that he had installed under the new cooktop. While we were talking about that, we decided to paint the toe kick under all the cabinets black.



Tomorrow is Monday, and both Charlie and I will be running in different directions; let’s hope we’ll find some time for the pantry!