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During the summer, a little “farm stand” appears here in Hope Mills.  It is on Main Street, right past what used to be our little lake (used to be because the dam broke a few years ago, and the replacement dam that the city had an engineering firm built at great expense failed within two years! – but that is a whole different story).

Basket of Peaches

Basket of Peaches

Back to the farm stand:  Charlie and I occasionally stop there to pick up fresh fruit and the occasional fresh vegetable.  Around lunch time today, on my way home from work, I stopped there to get a watermelon.  I bought two, a basket of peaches and a few yellow squash.  Everything was arranged in crates, little baskets or sold off the back of their truck.  All of it was telling the buyer’s subconscious mind: “farm fresh”!

Imagine my surprise, when I picked up on of the peaches to eat (the one that is missing from the basket that you see in the picture) and I saw this:


Since when do peach trees grow peaches with barcodes on them?  And now that I am questioning the peaches, how do I know all the rest of the produce did not come from a mass-produced-whereever?

Of course there may be several “innocent” explanations for the barcodes on my peaches, but do I really believe any of them?  And does this issue stir enough curiosity in me to stop there the next time I drive by and question whoever is manning the stand about it?

Farm fresh peaches – complete with barcodes!