The little critter in the photo is Isabel. It has been clear to me for quite a while now, that she thinks she rules this house. She is Charlie’s dog…. She follows him around everywhere (and I do mean everywhere). When he is taking a shower, she is sitting o the bathroom rug in front of the shower, when he is in the garage, she is curled up on the rug by the garage door, when he is in his recliner, she is laying on his lap and when he is sleeping she is in bed by his side.

A few years ago, I noticed that Isabel watches TV. She does not mind seeing animals on TV, but when dogs appear on the screen, she becomes furious, jumps off her perch and starts barking at them loudly. This is quite a funny sight, because she is so small that when she barks, the whole dog bounces up and down (yes, just like you see in cartoons).

This is what I saw today when I walked into the bedroom – really Isabel? Now mind you, she does need a bath… this her way of telling me that? Or is she admiring her appearance?

I do believe that each dog has their own personality; but this one is a bit much!