Today, while running errands, Charlie and I decided to stop by Sonic for a hot dog. For those of you that don’t know, Sonic is a drive-in place only. So, you drive up to a speaker, order your food and a person on roller skates brings it out to you.

You pay the person that brings the food to the car, and off you go. Today, they were experiencing some technical difficulties and the speakers were not working.

This seems to have thrown the entire operation into disarray!

They were taking orders manually,which is not something that should have influenced the speed or quality of their food – but it did. We waited for our hot dogs approx. 15 min, and when we finally did get them they tasted stale.

When Charlie handed the young woman a $10 bill to pay (we owed $5.62) she said she had to go inside because she did not know “how they want to do the money”. Charlie and I both suspect that she did not know how to make change without the aid of electronic equipment.

We ended up being there for over half an hour; today, fast food was anything but…

I know all this is not a big thing, but it does amaze me that when one thing was not working right, the rest of the operation was so greatly affected….