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Watching CNN this morning, I saw the former Prime Minister of Australia make some very frank comments about guns and gun control in the U.S.A. This of course followed the senseless murder of a 22 year old Australian in Oklahoma; the teenagers that shot him claim they do so because they were “bored and wanted something to do”.

So much of this situation of course is senseless….three teenagers who could not find anything better to do than to murder someone? What happened to volunteering at the library, shooting some hoops or going to a movie? How did they get their hands on not only one firearm, but two (the police found a shotgun in the trunk of their car)?

And not only to focus on this situation, but when did we start resolving our differences, venting out frustrations, or letting of steam with weapons? Why are firearms the first thing some think of in any given situation rather not think about them at all?

The whole world is looking at us and seeing a country that has spun completely out of control when it comes to controlling violence proliferated by guns. Not even a shot up theatre full of innocent movie goers or twenty (!) massacred first graders can get us to agree to some basic, sensible controls on owning and operating weapons?

Not to be overlooked, what are we doing wrong in raising our young people? How do children in this country go from young, innocent children to callous, uncaring teenagers and young adults who hunt and kill people? This conversation is one that needs to be had as well!

Perplexed and shaking my head!