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Yesterday evening, at Wednesday sew day, we celebrated one of the ladies’ birthday. As she explained it, she is celebrating the 42nd anniversary of her 39th birthday (she turned 81).

When we have birthdays in this group, we have a potluck dinner, and we bring a small gift. Everyone also brings a birthday card; that is everyone, except for me.

Not sure if this is a cultural difference or just a personal preference….I really cannot remember. I think that, if you are there in person and you brought a gift, a card is overkill. If you cannot attend someone’s special occasion, out of whatever reason, or you are attending but not bringing a gift, then a card is appropriate.

Is this a difference of opinion, a difference in culture or another sign of excess in our lifestyles? or am I reading too much into it entirely? In the end of course, everyone can do as they please, and the world will not end one way or another!