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Pretty much exactly 3 weeks ago, I wrote a post opining about today’s brides.  This is some more of that.

I know of several young women who are currently planning their weddings – some in the near, and some in the not-so-near future.  Now, here is where I need to remind everyone that I do not travel in wealthy circles.  I think we are lower middle class, at best…

One of the young women (the one whose wedding is the closest, time-wise) has now had four bridal showers and three bachelorette parties…and those are just the ones I know of (her family and I are not close). Really ?!

A bridal shower is a gift-giving party designed to help the young couple with starting a household.  Let’s discount, for a moment, that many brides already have a household and so do many grooms (so they already have to combine two households); the bridal shower then becomes a not-so-gentle nudge for people to furnish them with newer, nicer, more “stuff”! And then to have multiple of these parties ? Seems a bit greedy, no?

A bachelorette party is a send off for the bride from a more free-spirited single life, into a more settled married one.  It is designed to bond with members of one’s current family, future family and to re-inforce existing friendships.  Again, what is the need for multiples of these?

Never mind that one’s memory pool will get blurred.  Twenty years down the road, which party will the bride remember? Or will they refer to the whole six month period before her wedding (as fabulous, stressful, not memorable)?

In addition, we are piling (distorted) custom upon (distorted) custom; one should have a (one) bridal shower, a bachelorette party, a rehearsal dinner or a bridal luncheon – but NOT all of them and definitely not multiples of any of them.

I don’t want to be a party-pooper and I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but a healthy dose of reality would not hurt anyone.  Young women (and men) should be excited about getting married, they should have a great time and they should be able to think back at the time before their wedding fondly; I just wish they did it with a little less excess!