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Quiltography Logo

Quiltography Logo

I have to start this by pointing out that I am NOT a “techie”….. I am, however, a planner – I plan out most everything, including my quilts. I have been looking for a “quilt app” for quite some time, and have tried out several that claim all sorts of stuff. None of the work properly – all of them crash constantly, which is a pretty significant issue!

Not so with Quiltography. I am soooo pleased with this app!

First, it allows you to catalog your fabric: You can enter as much or as little detail as you wish. In addition to the basics (manufacturer, product line, measurements, etc.) you can also enter information that further identifies the fabric; what project you are using it for (mom’s quilt), its location in your stash (dots, stripes, Americana, juvenile) or any other way you wish to identify your fabrics. I loved seeing the “purchase location” and the “price” fields! Even for someone with a small stash (me) those fields are invaluable!

Next, the app allows you to easily design your blocks & quilts by assigning fabrics to blocks either individually or to multiple blocks at once. I learned how to do this with a tutorial that lasted under five minutes. And you can make photo quilts too! I won’t go into more details about what you can do (this post would be way too long), suffice it to say there is much, much more…..

According to the developer, the updates coming in the next few days include a block designer, which I am particularly excited about.  I do wish for some more options for designing quilts, but this app is well on its way to becoming the most complete quilt app out there.  I have heard some rumblings about fabric calculations (not currently included), but I do not think this feature is necessary.  There are several free apps out there that can do that fairly easily.  This app is more design driven and I for my part, welcome that.

The app was designed by a young man (Christopher Oxley) – I don’t know what his connection to quilting is, but he got it right. Even though the app is still in its infancy, it is extremely promising and could (and should) take the quilting world by storm.

There is a Quiltography Facebook page, through which Christopher often asks for input on further additions/enhancements to the app. This sort of direct communication with his audience should be an example to larger businesses/corporations!

Lastly, let’s talk about the price: the app costs $14.99, which in the app world (the app circles I travel in), is a bit pricey. It is worth every penny, and I would gladly pay it again!!!

I cannot wait to see what Christopher comes up with next for this app. I saw that he has developed some games as well, but I really think he may have found his niche in utility based apps.