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I have not posted in a couple of days because it has been very busy around here…with what, I cannot exactly say! Just all of those little things that keep you terribly busy, and then at the end f the day you feel as you accomplished nothing…

Anyhow, Aaryn, the little blond Texan who made headlines at the beginning of the summer was eliminated last week. Because she had been secluded in the Big Brother house, she had no knowledge of the uproar her racist, sexist and homophobic remarks had caused. According to her, she did not even know she had made those remarks! She claims she cannot remember saying them! And then, she said something that offended me almost as much as the original remarks had:

“I do not remember saying those things, and those things were not meant to be … that was not meant to be serious”. There are a lot of things people say that are not meant to be serious but there is a not so fine line that is never to be crossed – and this young woman not only crossed it, she leapt over it!

And the it got worse:
“In Texas, we say things that … sometimes we joke and we don’t mean it,” she said. So now, after saying some pretty awful stuff, and being confronted with the fact that she said them, she does the only thing any self- respecting human being could do: she blames a whole state for it!

It does not matter whether you are from Texas, Mississippi, California, Alaska or New York; proper behavior should tell you not to say those things, proper human decency should dictate you not even think them!

In order to make this post somewhat complete, I do have to add that Aaryn offered a half-baked apology in her exit interview. Giving that apology she seemed a lot more concerned about how she would appear to other people than truly apologizing to those she hurt. The interviewer concluded by telling Aaryn that she hoped he would gain some insight when she watched the play-back of herself. I have the same hope, but sadly I find it highly unlikely that such insight will be gained…..