This post is not about how many in appropriately clothed (or barely clothed) people I saw at the grocery store today. Neither is it about the cashier who managed to process my entire order without uttering a word to me, nor is it about fellow customers who loudly discussed the most intimate details of their lives on the phone while picking up breakfast cereal.

While standing in a rather lengthy line to check out this morning, I looked around and wondered if the contents of our carts say anything about us as people. This is what was in my cart this morning:


Charlie loves that packaged pie thing, and since we currently don’t have an oven I buy them for him occasionally.

This is very representative of what I buy. We purchase our foods as unprepared as possible. Looking in other people’s carts, I saw a lot of artificial stuff, stuff that required as little preparation as possible. Macaroni & cheese in a box, meats so processed that they had become unrecognizable, cereals that could pass as deserts and every meal imaginable in a box, can or pouch! And no matter how hard I looked, most of these carts did not contain a fruit or vegetable at all (and no, strawberry ice cream is not fruit and pork & beans is not a vegetable).

I will freely admit that I probably have a bit more time than people that work full time jobs outside their homes, but really, it takes under ten minutes to cook a pork chop and a salad can be made in under ten minutes as well. Have we become so convenience based that everything has to be prepared for us in a factory?

I cannot tell you how many times in the past month, someone has told me that they prepared this cake or that dessert “from scratch”, only to find out that the first ingredient they list is boxed cake.

I prefer our way – even though it requires more time and definitely more money!