Last week, Charlie and I had settled into a comfortable routine: houses were rented, quilting orders were on the rise, my work deadline was approaching (it is today) but I was comfortable I could get it done without too much stress. We were confident that by November, we would be able to purchase and install our ovens.

And then, it all happened: two of the tenants gave notice, and our AC started tripping its circuit breaker. I am in high gear looking for tenants and yesterday, the AC guy informed us that the entire AC system needs to be replaced (at the tune of many, many thousands of dollars).

For a brief moment yesterday, I thought about complaining (to myself). But then, I realized how fortunate we really are: I will still meet my deadline (with being stressed), the AC guy is willing to extend us credit so we can make payments on the new system, and I have a couple of people interested to rent.

The purchase of the ovens has to be postponed, and we will have to dip into our “travel savings” account (just a little). But the fact remains, that with a little wiggling, we can make it happen.

We went to bed yesterday being reminded once again, that being fortunate comes in many, many forms!