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I have not posted for a couple of days, because things around here have been hoping!

Between the deadline at work (which I met!), trying to rent the house (not year rented), finalizing our taxes (done!!!) and the broken heat/air conditioning, the blog somehow did not get done…..

But yesterday, in the midst of all the chaos, a bright spot: When I bought my car six years ago, it was very slightly used in terms of mileage, but more severely used in terms of appearance. The car only had 3,000 miles on it, but had seats with some serious stains and an interior that did not look that fabulous.

For several years, I had dreamed of having it detailed (shampoo inside and out, all the hard surfaces cleaned really well, etc.), but honestly, I have been afraid f the cost. A few eels ago, following a friend’s recommendation, I called for some estimates. It is expensive, but only about half the price I had imagined – so the appointment was made, and yesterday was the big day!

Long story short, here is my brand-new fabulously looking car after its spa-day:



It is gleaming, glistening, shining in the sun; it smells sooo good, and there is not a stain to be found on any seat anywhere! A couple of friends and I are taking a short road trip on Friday and they are both wondering if they should bring towels to sit on, and white gloves to wear before they touch anything!