Thursday & Friday were supposed to be fun days!

A couple of friends and I had planned to participate in a shop-hop. This is how that works:

You buy a “passport”; the passport includes a list of 16 shops (1 in Fayetteville, 9 in Raleigh/Durham and 6 in Winston-Salem/Greensboro). Each time you visit a shop, you receive a free pattern, a lotto ticket for a drawing in that shop, and a stamp in your passport. When your passport is full you are entered into a drawing for a sewing machine, a free 3 day workshop or other prizes.

So one of my friends and I started out early Thursday morning, intending to visit all nine shops in Raleigh. Twenty minutes into the trip, which was supposed to be a care-free, fun day I received the call! My job (right along with all 400 others that have the same job across the US was gone!). Granted, it was a part time job, but I like what I do, and it allowed me to contribute to our household! I cannot remember the last time I was unemployed…..

The sad part is, that we all lost our jobs because of a technicality. The audits I was conducting will still continue, just through a different company. A company that has to now hire all new people and train them to do the jobs that we know so well and do so well!

I decided I will scour the net, try and find my job posted somewhere, and apply for it!