Yesterday morning, a friend and I completed a 3.2 mile walk for cancer. We gathered at around 9:30 (I know my friend was there much earlier), listened to several speakers, and at 10:00 am got on our way.

We walked through downtown Fayetteville at first, streets and blocks that I am familiar with but walking so fast that I had no time to take in details. Then we turned onto a route that I had not walked/driven before. We walked through a nicely maintained/manicured park with a vigorously bubbling fountain, crossed the street and continued by the bank of a creek (not apparently maintained by anyone) all the while dodging those that walked faster than us and were tying to pass us and at the same time passing those who were walking along slower than us.

All along the route were volunteers, some loudly, some not so loudly cheering us along and encouraging us to keep going. Most of that was in direct contrast with the almost wild looking surroundings, but the volunteers did greatly encourage us to keep up the pace!

As we were approaching the end of the route, my friend mentioned the time. We had walked the route in exactly an hour! My friend exercises several times a week, so I was not surprised by her performance but me – it’s been a good while since I’ve exercised seriously…

When the walk was done and we were back at the starting point, we grabbed a complimentary sandwich and a bit of dessert – then, the two of us were off, in different directions, to complete the rest of our day. I have to say, for me this was a great start: a great cause, a great friend and great exercise!