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I have been silent for about a week now…a lot has happened, and I needed some time to absorb and process it all!  I now that I had shared the news about my job, the broken AC, the tenants giving us notice…but I did need some time to think.

While thinking, I broke my longarm machine – well, at least that is what I thought!  After I spent a few minutes fighting off panic, I called the dealer.  The first words out of his mouth were: “a broken tension spring – no problem!  I’ll just send you the part; when you get it, have a 2mm Allen wrench handy and call me.  I’ll walk you through re-installing it”.  That was last Thursday.  According to package tracking, the spring will get here tonight.

Of course, all this happened while I was quilting the last 4″ of a rather large quilt!

In the meantime, I have been working on prepping some Dear Jane blocks.  There are several that require hand applique, so I am preparing those.  We are going on a small trip in a couple of weeks and that way I will have something to do while gone (more about that later).

I will keep everyone posted on my “over the phone” longarm repairs!