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While working on my “Dear Jane” quilt, I am using several motivational tools.  As many know, this quilt is a massive undertaking that requires a long term (sometimes VERY long term) commitment.

Yes, completing the blocks, border triangles and corner stones is a big job; but after that, the quilt has to be assembled and quilted – also not an easy undertaking!

So, in order to keep me organized and motivated, I am using several “tools”…

One, is this blog – it keeps me going, and even though most posts don’t get any comments or many “likes”, a number of people read them and that in itself is pretty motivational.

DJ Spreadsheet

DJ Spreadsheet

I also use a spread sheet.  Here I record every completed block, the date it was completed and the number of pieces involved.  Since the book that contains the blocks does not include directions, it is up to each individual maker to decide on which technique to use.  This also means that the number of pieces in each Dear Jane quilt will vary.

I have set myseld a goal of completing five blocks each week.  Mostly, I have kept up with this pace; some weeks I have made much less, some weeks many more!

I also use this sheet:

aaaHere, I record the fabrics used.  When I complete each block, I paste a little swatch on the corresponding square.  The squares you see shaded in red, are squares that I have completed, but where I do not have a scrap left – not even that small of a piece!  The squares where the number is circled, are squares in progress.  I always have several in progress, so that if I am watching a show, I can work on a square that requires hand work; or, if I am upstairs in my “woman cave” I can work a pieced square….(I have a similar sheet for the border triangles)

So far, I have kept all the completed squares in a ziploc bag.  This morning, I came up with something different.  I laid a large sheet on our kitchen floor, and then placed the squares on the sheet according to their position on the quilt:



I pinned the squares to the sheet with small safety pins and will hang it upstairs.  This way, I can add as I go!

If anyone out there has any other (better?) suggestions – let me know!