This past spring, I transplanted my avocado tree into our back yard. It had been growing in a pot inside the house for either three or four years and was getting too large to be inside. Avocado is a tropical tree, and the climate in North Carolina is not.

The tree was in shock at first, but started growing nicely throughout the summer. It looks healthy, and even though it has not gained much height, the leaves are lush and green.

BHE and I brainstormed over the summer, wondering how we would protect the tree when the weather started getting cold! As usual, Charlie had the solution in no time. He would built a removable greenhouse that would protect the tree over the winter, but could be taken off during the warm summer months.

And so yesterday, he started the building process. This endeavor involved several trips to the plumbing departments of several home improvement stores. Charlie bought PVC pipes and several kinds of fittings. As of yesterday afternoon, he had out together the basic part of the frame …..



I can’t wait to see the finished product!!