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Let me preface this by saying that I probably will not say anything here that all of the population of this country (and most populations of every other country) have not said or thought for the past couple of weeks.

But, here is a personal perspective on the whole mess:
My husband has worked for the better part of 60 years.  He went to work each day, arrived on time, did his job and led his life doing what he believed was right.  He raised three children, helped raise a grand child and planned for a rainy day and retirement.  When he retired from the Air Force (after almost 30 years), he started a new carrier and retired from it 15 years later.  As if all this wasn’t enough, he and I then started building our rental business. He faithfully paid his taxes, contributed to some charitable causes and paid into Social Security.  And now, a bunch of clowns in Washington are getting ready to destroy it all for him!

If we hit the debt ceiling on Thursday (and currently all indications are that we will), 90% of our income will NOT come in on November 1st.  Air Force retirement, veteran’s benefits, social security and many many other payments will not be paid.  All the while congressmen and senators are getting paid.  While we are looking at the very real possibility of making the choice between buying eggs or bread or milk, their hardships is that there is no towel service in the congressional gym….

We have made our budget decisions based on our fixed (guaranteed) income each month. Last week, we sat down and looked at our numbers to see how long we can sustain ourselves without that fixed income.  During this conversation, Charlie kept saying that surely, it won’t come to this.  I asked him to explain to me exactly what gave him that confidence because I have seen nothing come out of Washington lately that would inspire me to believe that!

The good news is that with dipping into our savings, we can pay our bills until approximately Christmas.  At that time, we will run out of cash and will have to utilize our credit cards.  I am DEEPLY resentful of this situation, and quite angry about it…I feel helpless, ashamed that this is the picture we are presenting to the world, and incredulous that people that are supposed to be so much smarter than I can’t see the very real damage they are doing to every one in this country and the country itself ……

So, ladies and gentlemen in congress, look at my husband and tell him, that doing the right thing all his life was in vain…