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At exactly 5:00 am, they come and demand to be let out. At 7:45 am they sit in front of me and lick their chops (8:00 am is feeding time). Between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm, they run in and out their dog door, go bark at the fence at random, take lengthy naps on Charlie’s lap (yes, all three of them at the same time), follow any human onto the kitchen in the hopes something will fall off the counter and directly I into their mouths and generally have a nice leisurely life…..at 6:00 pm there is dinner, and at 9:30 it is bedtime.

And then, there are those days where I start saying something like “the girls need baths”…. usually, I offer to bathe MeiMei and Claire, and I ask Charlie to bathe Isabel (he feels I am entirely not gentle enough with her). In the last few months, every time I have brought up bath time he has promptly picked up the phone and made an appointment with the groomer!

Yesterday, was one of those groomer appointment days; except we took Maggie in too. So, I packed all four of them in the car and off we went:


They act and look like three little grayish, brownish white piles of misery….they cling onto your arm or shoulder when you carry them in and they look at you with a look perfectly designed to instill endless guilt. Of course, if I was inclined to feel guilty the smell emitted by the four of them in the enclosed space of the car quickly eliminated the sentiment.

The groomer calls when they are done and we go pick them up. The groomer opens the door, and they come shooting out as if freed from a doggie dungeon. For a few minutes, they are white, fluffy and smell like clean laundry. We drive home with all three of them contently curled up on the passenger seat. At home we are back to the routine: they demand to be fed immediately after having checked out the back yard (who knows what mischief happens while they were gone?). Within five minutes of arriving back home, they are not so fluffy, not so good smelling anymore and have lost one or both of the tulle ribbons the groomer so carefully attached to their ears….but, life is good and their world is upright again!