A few days ago, I wrote a post about Charlie building a removable greenhouse to help my little avocado tree survive the winter. Well, he finished the project.

BHE spent two days putting together the frame (PVC pipe & joints), then another two covering the whole thing with a roll of plastic and securing it to the frame with Velcro. Then yesterday, he borrowed a trailer, drove over to a friend’s house racked up a huge pipe of pine straw and brought it back here.

He placed a lot of the pine straw inside the structure around the base of the tree (in order to keep the ground from freezing). Then, he placed the rest of the straw on the outside of the structure; we hope this will stabilize the plastic a bit!


Yesterday, the tree was doing great. Last night, we had the first frost; the next few days will determine how successful we are with trying to grow an avocado tree in North Carolina!