When I started walking every morning, I also started setting the timer on my phone – just to see how long it would take me to walk around the block. Then, I had a brilliant idea: find a pedometer in the App Store …. And after a little (really very little) searching, I found a great one.

“MapMyWalk” is a GPS based app, that maps the route you are walking, as you are walking it. This way, you can keep up with the distance walked – I, for example, usually walk one mile and then turn around and walk back. It also gives you all the other information that fitness apps provide, such as time, calories, distance etc. There are suggested routes within your zip code, and you have the option of saving your workouts…

There is also an option to share all this on Facebook, which I don’t do; I prefer not to let the whole world know where I walk!

You can also “Go MVP” which is a paid feature; it unlocks “premium features” (I don’t know what those are), but, honestly, I cannot imagine needing anything else out of this app.

This morning, I walked 2.09 miles in 33 minutes – and now, after a hot shower, I feel pretty good !