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The time changed last night; we had to set our clocks back one hour…

The girls find this VERY troubling! At 7 o’clock this morning, it started…they felt very strongly that they needed to be fed right then. So, for a few minutes, I was stared at. When that did not work, they started running to their bowls and from there to the kitchen like a herd of galloping horses. When I remained unimpressed, the whining and pawing commenced. I remained strong until 8 am, their regular feeding time (to them it was 9 am). To reward them for their “patience”, I gave them canned food which they polished of in 30 sec. flat.

For the rest if the day, they mainly napped.

At 4:45pm, it started again. Except this time, after their experiences this morning, they pulled out the big guns. They whined, paced, stared and pawed both me and Charlie – imagine this happening times three (we have three Shih Tzus and a Lab). Maggie prefers to pace from the living room to the kitchen down the corridor, along the hallway into the bedroom and back again, stopping along the way to stare at us individually, wherever we are seated. This is akin to Chinese torture, as her nails make a rhythmic sound on the hardwood and tile, and her tag jingles along.

It is now 5:55pm and this has been going on for over an hour. I am very happy it is almost time to feed them because I am not sure I could have held out much longer!