I have no clue where I got the idea from….I decided I wanted to make eggnog cupcakes.

After looking through tons of recipes online, I decided on this one. It seemed to be the most unpretentious one, and it made sense. Baking is very different than cooking; baking is based in chemistry and how the various ingredients will react and interact to each other – if the proportions aren’t right, the whole thing won’t work. Additionally, this recipe intrigued me, because one of its ingredients is one of my most frowned upon things (cake mix).


Turns out, these are really good! They are light and fluffy, and the hint of rum (extract) gives them a nice extra pop of flavor. I am taking them to my election precinct tomorrow, and I can see myself making them again for our guild meeting in a couple of weeks!

And, Maggie is still pacing – which she has now done for at least three days straight (with the exception of a couple of hours of sleep)!