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Today will be rough.

We are taking Maggie to the vet this morning, for her to be put to sleep. It took me a while to make the decision, but then my mom, who is usually right (not always, mom!) asked if I was hesitating because I was trying to make myself feel better….

Her appointment is this morning, and the closer the time gets the more anxious I become. Maggie was with me when Charlie spent two weeks in intensive care several years ago, when I was all alone (we had not been dating long and I did not know the rest of the family). She followed me everywhere and slept with me, quietly providing comfort and security. She has been a big silent white cloud of constant friendship for well over a decade.

She welcomed three other dogs into the house, moved with us four times, and when we decided to take in a stray, got a bloody eye because the stray attacked her (the stray was gone the same day). She has been quiet, gentle, well behaved and calm for all that time except once: when a big dog came around a corner one day charging Charlie, Maggie became a giant white, angry, teeth fletching, growling beast! She endured several litters of puppies, countless changes in routine and me learning how to be a proper pet owner by “practicing” on her.

I will miss her…