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Maggie has been gone for nearly two weeks now. At first, I did not think that the “little” girls (our three Shih Tzu) were affected.

Then, we started noticing little things, that they had not done before, but that they now almost insist on. They all used to sleep separately; they now want to sleep together and whine when they are put in separate crates.

They each have little beds under our entertainment center in the living room. They now try to crawl into one bed together, which causes a MeiMei “spillover” as she does not fit when the little one is in there!

They also have become more “clingy”….they follow us everywhere, (even into the bathroom)and don’t like to be physically separated from us. In addition, they want to be petted ALL of the time and ask for a lot more attention than they have ever before!


They may be affected differently, but they are affected. Now more than ever I wish they could tell me what they think!