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I get on this soapbox very year around this time, so why change it now?

Several weeks ago, I started seeing Christmas displays going up in stores everywhere. Thanksgiving was still weeks away, but yet it was being shoved aside and almost disregarded in favor of a more and more commercialized Christmas.

For those of you that are following me from outside the U.S., the day after Thanksgiving is known as “Black Friday”. It is the biggest shopping day of the year for retailers, and many of them rely on it heavily for their yearly returns or even mere survival.

In the last few years retailers have started opening their stores earlier and earlier in order to draw in more customers before they get a chance to go somewhere else. This year, they have taken it to new heights! Many stores have now decided to remain open through the Thanksgiving holiday!

This is the one day a year on which we are to be particularly grateful for what we have, in terms of health, family, friendship – as little or as much of each we are afforded to….. but now we are expected to forget about spending it with those who are dear to us, we are to sling down dinner and then rush out to the stores and shop for more material things (most of which we don’t need). Or, maybe we are to forget about the holiday itself altogether and just go shopping instead?!

I for my part (and Charlie also), are not buying into this – I cannot remember us going shopping on any Black Friday in the past and we are most definitely not going to sacrifice Thanksgiving Day on the altar of the Retail Gods. I will continue to spend the three days before Thanksgiving Thursday prepping and cooking and we will continue to have our “open house” style Thanksgiving on that day. We will continue to be grateful for having each other and for how fortunate we have been in the years since we met. We are thankful for our families and our great friends. I feel that having those things makes us wealthier than any gift/jewelry/gadget I can buy at whatever great savings in any store in this or any other town!