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We spent Thanksgiving on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I have to admit that when Charlie and Charles (our son in law) first approached me with the idea, I was not a fan. But, we went and had an absolutely wonderful time!

Both on the drive there, as well as on the drive back, we passed lots of restaurants, cafés and other businesses that cater to the vacation crowd. Some of the names of the restaurants in particular, struck me as odd (to say the least). Here are some examples:

Dirty Dick’s Crabs
Awful Arthur’s
Risky Business
I got Crabs

Really people? Does anyone really think that I would be willing to eat at a restaurant called “Risky Business”? What in there is risky? The sanitation? The cooking methods? Or the quality of the food?

The thoughts I have about “Dirty Dick’s Crabs” are really not suited to be put on this blog….and the other names up there fair not much better in my mind.

When I started writing this post, I decided to look online and see what other inappropriate names are out there. BuzzFeed Food has a list out there (and yes, Dirty Dick’s Crabs is on it!) but there are some others worth mentioning too: Soon Fat (Chinese food), The Hairy Monk, Cabbages & Condoms (!!!!!), Pu Pu Hot Pot, Frying Nemo, Young Dong.

May be all of these restaurant owners should reconsider these names? Just sayin….