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Really, I should have just put his picture here and left the text portion blank. His name encompass so many adjectives, nouns and verbs that they could fill a lexicon!

He passed away less than 12 hours ago, and so many eloquent remarks have already been made by people much more important than I. I do agree with our President when he says that we will not see another man like Mandela in our lifetimes. Even through television screens or the print media he exuded grace, kindness and dignity.


When I heard the news yesterday, I called Charlie who was driving our 13-year old grandson home from school. He later relayed to me that after he hung up, our grandson asked him who Nelson Mandela was!

I admit, I was offended…..I did not believe there was a person on this planet (or any other planet) who did not know who Nelson Mandela is! I guess this is where I jump on one of my soap boxes again and point out that we are failing in our responsibilities as adults and as communities to our young people (our schools of course bear some of this responsibility too). We as Americans live insulated lives, and our children and young adults live insulated lives. Honestly, I do not think that any if our grandchildren have ever watched a news broadcast or read a newspaper, but they are keenly aware of every release of a new video game or basketball win.

They NEED to know how we all fit in in this world and how the works and it’s history fits together!

But, because Nelson Mandela was a the force of good in this world I want to close by reiterating how much he will be missed. The world I live in has lost it’s moral compass.