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Sometime back inflate October, I wrote about a couple of projects I was participating in. One was a Block-of-the-month program where you created a 6″ and a 12″ block each month, and the other was a 9-patch exchange that lasted 6 months; it yielded about 150 9 patches.

There were not enough blocks in either project for a large quilt, and so I decided to combine the two projects into one. I played around with the layouts for a while – I really like the one I decided on.

So, a few days ago, I started assembling the quilt top. it is not as easy as I thought, since not all of the 9 patches are the correct size….I have to improvise in places, and on a couple of occasions had to create “filler” pieces.

The picture shows the quilt top, approximately 85% completed….maybe I can get it done by the weekend.