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I have been searching for fabric for this block pretty much since the day I started this project. This fabric, I had initially bought for something else, but I discovered yesterday that it works great for this block!

This block was made using a combination of techniques: traditional piecing & appliqué (hand). I have started doing appliqué a bit differently. When the appliqué shape has a straight seam that is a common seam with pieces of the block that are sewn together, I add a 1/4″ seam allowance and sew that straight edge into the seam – so, in this case I layered a white triangle piece (right side up) with an appliqué shape (right side up), then laid another appliqué shape on top (right side down) and finally another white triangle (right side down). I sewed the seam; then when I unfolded the piece, all I had to hand sew was the curved part.

I feel this speeds up the process a bit, but also makes the piece more stable for hand sewing….


This is block # 120