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Yesterday morning, two friends and I set out on a day trip. The purpose was to visit a fabric store near Charlotte, NC and also make a stop at my favorite furniture/home goods store (IKEA).

We set off early in the morning. It was a crystal clear, very cold winter day when we set off in BHE’s huge truck. The three hour trip went rather quickly, as we chatted away excitedly both about the fabric we hoped to find for our guild’s quilt as well as the impending stop at IKEA.

We arrived at the fabric store, and no more than five min. later one of my companions had found the “jumping off point” fabric for the quilt. She and I rushed around collecting what we think is a great selection of colors and patterns! All three of us are excited about our selections; they are VERY different than the fabrics with which the quilt was designed, and that was precisely our intention.

We then did a little bit of shopping for ourselves – a lot less than I thought we would do….all in all, we spent about two and a half hours in the fabric store. I (and I hope the other two) had a great time!



Then, off we went to IKEA. I am always excited to go to IKEA, and I got even more excited when I realized that one of us had never been to one. First, we went to the restaurant and had lunch. They were out of apple cake! (I love their apple cake). We walked through the store, picking up things here and there until we had a cart full of things (half of which we did not know we needed when we walked in). In the kitchen section, I bought the cabinet that will eventually surround my double ovens. We loaded the truck; I am sure that was a sight! Three middle aged women trying to load this big truck….

By 3:30 pm we started back towards home. By now, we were tired but not exhausted and happy with our purchases. We discussed politics, religion, quilting, family, weather, cooking …. By the time we got to Fayetteville, we were hungry and exhausted!

Like I said! a great day with friends.