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As some of you know, we currently do not have an oven. We eliminated our stove last year and installed a cooktop with pot drawers underneath. Our intention was to save up, and then purchase a set of double ovens. After saving for a year we are now one step closer to achieving this goal.

The ovens are going to go where my display case is now. Here is what the area looked like (after I emptied it)


With the help of a couple of friends, I drove to Charlotte last Friday and bought the cabinet. Here is the state of my kitchen as I started putting the thing together early Sunday morning:


I was excited! Not only do I like putting together IKEA furniture, but having the cabinet is a clear signal to my brain that I am that much closer to a real oven. Now, here is where I have to give my little oven some credit. When we eliminated the stove, we bought a tiny little countertop oven (toaster oven). That oven has baked pies, cakes, cupcakes and even bread for me. Of course everything takes a little longer and it can only bake small portions, but it worked well for us for the past year….

About a half hour later, my cabinet was put together. Charlie helped me push it into the spot I wanted it to go. He had had his doubts all along, about whether there was enough space in the kitchen, about whether it would look good in that spot, about just about everything….he questioned the whole project from the beginning.

Imagine my surprise when he then stepped back and said “Mrs. G., this looks sharp – your kitchen will work well this way!”

And here is the cabinet in its current spot, waiting for The ovens to be installed in a few weeks. After that, Charlie will trim it out and make it look built in.